Hailing from the Twin Cities, Cantharone is a 4-piece machine that draws from a wide variety of music to create a new brand of metal, encompassing a ripping thrash attitude with undertones of deep, hard groove.  

“The classic sound Cantharone are able to channel seems to come with a major Pantera influence, but they take a new direction with their tracks that build to anthemic climaxes.” – 89.3 The Current

“You like vikings? Of course you do, everyone likes vikings. So if everyone likes vikings, how come only melodeath bands theme themselves around them? Where’s the viking SLUDGE? The answer is right here, courtesy of your homeboys in CantharoneSons of the Crow is a gut-busting EP with lots of tasty guitarmonies that recall epic viking stalwarts like Amon Amarth while maintaining a girthy, downtuned sound to make their big bad doom daddies proud.” (HessianHunter) – Toilet ov Hell 




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