We have news

Friends we have news, 

We know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us. We have been working hard on the new songs, brewing a lot of beer, and going out to as many shows as we possibly can. Right now we have 5 new songs written for the new album. That’s right the new ALBUM. This is going to be a full length, so prepare thyself. 

We’re not going to lie to you it’s been a difficult fall/earlywinter for us. We had someone try to steal the van, and someone broke a window at our practice space/house. So money has been pretty tight for us. That’s ok though, shit happens deal with it. 

On a sadder note we have parted ways with bassist/vocalist Ryan. Ryan was a founding member of this band, and has been in it since the beginning. He had other musical pursuits that he wanted to focus on, and didn’t have the time for both. It was a difficult decision for him, and he will always be welcome in the Cantharone family. He will be missed. 

Our good friend Joe Kreuzer has stepped up to the plate. Joe is a producer, bassist, guitarist, plays banjo, sings, and just about any other musical thing you can think of. Joe hails from La Crosse, WI but lives in the cities now. We have been teaching him the songs and jamming with him, and it has gone extremely well! We’ll be doing a photo shoot soon and releasing artwork for the new album. Lots of beer will be involved. 

Finally, we will be playing shows in February. One in the cities, and one or two nights in Iowa. In March we will be back in Wisconsin as well. In between we will be hitting the studio to start recording the new album. We know it’s been a long process, but we are finally in the swing of things. We are SO excited we can’t even describe in word. 

We will be in La Crosse this weekend supporting Armstrong Clawhammer and hanging out with some friends. Cheers, and as always thanks for your un wavering support. It means so much to us, and we don’t know how to thank you! 




A burly metal band from the Land of Sky Blue Waters

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